Learn Mathematics solve ATKT : Don't worry,we start from basics!

taught by Aakash Mehta
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Aakash Mehta
Aakash Mehta

About the Instructor

Professional Identity : He is also known as "Hello Sir".

Mile Stones : Topper of the batch, Education through out distinction only, 3 years experience of dynamic teaching.

Foundation : He is founder of "Electro Tutor" the well known teaching hub.

Expert Service :He also served more than 1500 students directly or indirectly within very short period of his carrier.He is expert in solving ATKT /Backlogs in toughest subjects in engineering like Mathematics ,Engineering graphics , and other important technical subjects.His teaching style is very simple and effective in examination.

Don't worry friends he teaches from basics !

He believes that "how you write is more important than what you write."

Jivan Mantra : "If you have positive attitude, nothing is impossible."

Personal Contact Details : aakashmehta108@gmail.com

Have a Happy Engineering !!!

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